It seems as if whenever we think about our finances, we have a tendency to be focused on the future.

Even though the financial present is important for balancing your income, it’s also essential to plan for the future. Wouldn’t you like to one day enjoy all of your hard work to the fullest? Have you considered other ways to secure an income in the future or during your retirement?

Annuities serve as a viable insurance option for your financial future. If you would like to one day receive a steady flow of income from an annuity, consider talking to our experienced annuity company. Contacting one of our annuity advisors today will help you understand whether or not an annuity is right for you.

Assistance from an Annuity Consultant

An annuity is a financial product that works like a personal investment.

You make investments in certain annuities over time so that you can eventually receive that money and ideally more later on, such as during retirement. The wealth you collect from your own annuity is typically received regularly, whether it’s month by month or collected as a total amount later on in life.

If an annuity sounds like a reasonable investment option for you, talk to one of our annuity consultants and we’ll update you on what plan will be most suitable for you. Here are the two main types of annuities offered by most insurance and annuity companies:

  • Fixed Annuity – receive a guaranteed payment
  • Variable Annuity – receive a payment based on your investment’s success

Additionally, there are other types of annuities that are sometimes more beneficial depending on the individual. Here are some of the additional types of annuities we offer:

  • Income Annuity
  • Index Annuity
  • Hybrid Annuity
  • Senior Annuity

Having a constant flow of income will be valuable later on in life. If you believe that an annuity might be the best investment option for your financial plans, consult with our annuity advisors.

We’ll inform you on what kinds of annuities are out there and which ones make for practical investments according to your plans and goals.