Estate Planning

We spend a large percentage of our lives working and earning the things that help make life a bit more cozy, like nice furniture or family vacations. Over time, we tend to become emotionally tied to some of the things we’ve worked to attain, especially the place in which we raise our families and grow old with loved ones: our home.

One of the best ways to treasure your home and loved ones is by estate planning with a financial advisor. Our estate planning services help you to support your family by offering a financially secure future.

Even after death or if you become unable to care for yourself, the responsibility of your estate will rest upon two factors: how you handled your estate’s finances and your heirs. Don’t leave behind financial burdens for your loved ones. Let them cherish your home one day as much as you do now. Our estate planning firm can help you devise a plan that can allow you to leave behind a treasured family home, not a burden.

Financial Advisors Get you Started

Before one of our financial advisors can help, you should first think over several important considerations. All of your assets that you’ve worked hard to acquire will become someone else’s one day. As you prepare to begin your estate planning, you must think of whom you’ll want to inherit your investments, savings, estate and other business affairs. Also, think about whom you’ll want to care for your finances and medical decisions once you’re unable to do so.

It’s never easy planning this far ahead; however, we can help make this process easier and more efficient.

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Estate Planning Services

The financial advisors at our estate planning firm offer superior consultation when it comes to caring for your assets. We can help you get started today on creating a solid plan for your estate. Here are some of the estate planning services we’ll provide for you that are necessary for proper planning:

  • Developing a will
  • Setting up trusts & insurance plans
  • Naming beneficiaries & a power of attorney
  • Creating plans for gift giving to reduce estate taxation
  • Access to our estate planning attorneys


Estate Planning and Your Finances

Taxes and laws governing estate planning change on both state and federal levels. One way to help relieve the taxes on your estate is through charitable donations. Donating money to charities helps your estate’s investments develop tax-free. Our consultants can discuss several other financially viable options for estate and financial planning.

Call one of our financial advisors at our Surprise, AZ estate planning firm today to learn more about the benefits of charitable giving.