College Funding

Licensed financial advisors can help you with your savings responsibility. One of the biggest responsibilities of being a parent is preparing our children for the real world.

We want to make sure that they will be safe on their own. We want to rest assured knowing that they will thrive off of the knowledge and skills they’ve developed while living under our roofs. However, there’s a natural thought that goes through a parent’s mind before the first child moves out, such as “Are they ready for this?” or “Did I do enough for my kid?”

Academic Financial Planning

Don’t second guess yourself as a parent. Avoid doubt by building a college fund for your children. A good education is one of the greatest gifts you can give your child. Statistics¬†have shown that majority of people with college degrees go into the real world with a better chance of getting hired as well as receiving higher wages. See how financial consulting can help you budget for your children’s college education by calling our financial planning company today.

College is also a time for personal growth and new experiences, which is essential for every young adult’s development. Make sure they have this experience by working with our financial planning company. That way, you can help your kids move out one day with the confidence of knowing you gave them the proper tools to help them start their young adult lives.

Find The Right Financial Planning Service

Most of us want to give our kids a good college education, but are never really sure how or when to start planning for such an important investment. Like most things in financial planning, the earlier you start saving, the better. There are several different plans that can help you send your kids to the college of their choice. Our licensed financial advisors can inform you on such plans that include, but are not limited to:

  • 529 College Savings Plan
  • Coverdell Education Savings Account
  • State Education Savings Programs
  • Personal Savings Plan

There are number of viable options for paying college tuition, which is better understood with assistance from financial consulting professionals. Depending on your financial planning, spending habits and continuous fluctuations in the financial market, saving for the total cost of college (including out of the classroom expenses) cannot be guaranteed. Nevertheless, Asset Preservation’s licensed financial advisors will work with you to figure out a financial savings plans that’s realistic. That way, when the first college tuition bill comes in the mail, you’ll be at ease knowing it’s well within your budget.

Get quality financial planning services by contacting our Surprise, AZ firm. One of our advisors can help you get started on your college funding today!