TSA 403 (b)

Not everyone has a 401K plan. Depending on your type of job or career, you might have a completely different retirement plan and therefore, might have to reconsider your wealth management.

Those who work for public schools, non-profits, certain medical institutions and ministries probably have a TSA 403B retirement plan.

A TSA or tax-sheltered annuity is quite similar to a 401K plan. TSA’s allow you to make salary deferrals before the income tax and may continue to grow as tax-deferred until your retirement withdrawals are eventually taxed as income. Also, TSA’s give you the option of investing in annuities and mutual funds. For a better understanding of TSA’s and investment options for your retirement plans, call one of our retirement planning counselors today.

Consult with a Financial Planner : TSA Help

Our retirement planning company can help make dealing with your TSA’s much easier.

Just like most other retirement plans, a TSA 403B plan offers options with individual accounts. Here are some different types of individual accounts you can have with a TSA:

  • Annuity Contract – set up with an insurance agency
  • Custodial Account – type of investment with a mutual fund
  • Retirement Income Account – typically for ministers

To get more information on the different types of TSA’s, talk to one of our retirement planning counselors at our main office in Surprise, Az.

Optional Rollovers

If you have been previously employed with a TSA plan but are now under a different retirement plan, there are some things to take into consideration.

No matter what your wealth management may be like with your new job, properly taking care of your old TSA is still an important piece of your retirement plan. Ask our financial planners about the advantages or risks involved with consolidating your former TSA into a rollover IRA.

Want to learn more from our retirement planning company and counselors? Give us a call today and well help you work out any issues or problems you might have with your TSA 403B plans.